Garden Art Activities

There are no specific rules concerning garden art. People with all levels of artistic ability can find a means to express their creativity. Art is personal, and that means that everyone can decide for themselves what art they want to create and how they want to do it.


Create a large mural on a plain wall. Garden murals extend and accentuate themes that you create with your landscaping. In gardens dominated by tropical plants, but that are outside of a tropical zone, add a painting of birds or animals that live in the tropics. For small gardens, add a trompe l’oeil mural to create the impression that there is another area of your garden. Install a trellis gate in front of the wall, plant wildflowers and paint a picture of a path lined with similar wildflowers extending past the trellis. Re-create your favorite quotation in large, flowing letters across the wall. For all designs, choose paint rated for outdoor use. Test color samples under the same light conditions as the finished art piece.


Stepping stones are practical pieces of art to add to a garden. Use plastic planter saucers or metal pie pans to create the molds. Stepping stones are just big enough for someone to step upon while walking along a garden path. Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect recommends mixing five parts of Quickrete concrete to one part water until it has the consistency of cookie dough. Pour the concrete into the mold to a depth of at least 2 inches. After the cement sets for an hour, press textured items, such as leaves, coins or crumpled foil, onto the face of the cement to make a pattern. Do not leave the item in the cement. Let the stone dry for 48 hours and remove from the mold. Place in the garden in prominent places or in discrete areas as treasures for visitors to discover.


Transform a terra-cotta flower pot with seashells or broken pieces of tile. Clean a terra-cotta pot. Remove all price or description stickers. Inspect the pot to see that it is free from dirt and debris. Gather a collection of seashells or ceramic tile pieces, enough to cover the outer surface of your pots. Spread tile adhesive onto the surface of the pot with a notched trowel. Press the seashells or tiles into the adhesive. Create a design or simply place them in rows or columns. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Spread tile grout in among the shells or tiles with a clean, damp sponge. Let the grout dry. Clear away haze left behind by the grout with a soft, clean cloth.

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