How to Install Outdoor Landscaping Lighting


Possibly your lawn does not have landscape lights and you wish to install some. Landscape lights allow you to enjoy your landscape design and lawn during the evening hours by providing adequate lighting. When purchasing your landscape lighting consider a lighting that stakes into the ground. Staking your lighting allows you to design your lighting preferences. Installing landscape lighting also provides a lighting alternative for lighting up walkways, gardens, ponds or patios.

Step 1

Plan the layout of your landscape lights. Verify you have a GFCI (a ground fault circuit interpreter) near the location of the landscape lightings transformer. These are required for any outdoor outlet.

Step 2

Place the cable over the contacts in the lights channel located at the base of your light fixture. Press the cable in place with your hands to secure it.

Step 3

Slide the closed ground stake over the cable and lock it in place according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 4

Spread the landscape steak legs apart and run the cable through the appropriate cable track on the fixture base. Fold it in to the leg of the ground stake. Line up the cable with the notches on both sides of the stake and snap the leg together to close them. Repeat for each landscape

Step 5

Dig a hole about eight-inches deep with your shovel for the ground stake. Forcing the landscape stake into the ground may damage the light or the stake.

Step 6

Set the landscape stake into the hole and backfill with the dirt you removed. Repeat this for each landscape light.

Step 7

Cover the cable with mulch or dirt. You may wish to bury the cable in a one-foot deep trench as this protects it from lawn mower or other powered lawn tools.

Step 8

Mount the landscape lighting transformer with a drill and screws next to the GFCI outlet. If the transformer isn’t pre-wired, connect the cable ends to the color coordinated ends located on the transformer.

Step 9

Plug the power cord to your landscape lights into the GFCI outlet. Set the timer and adjust the photo eye sensitivity located in the transformer box, according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Things You'll Need

  • Landscape lighting kit
  • GFCI
  • Screwdriver
  • Shovel
  • Mulch


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