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Many companies specialize in selling fruit baskets, and each offers various types of fruit baskets to choose. The baskets are artistically arranged in a way that is meant to be aesthetically appealing. Edible fruit baskets are often sold as gifts. In order to ensure that the fruit baskets are not spoiled, they must be arranged right before sending the baskets to the gift receiver.

Purpose of Fruit Baskets

Edible fruit baskets are often used as gifts that are sent to friends and family. Fruit is a healthy way to show a loved one that he is appreciated. However, the fruit needs to be eaten relatively quickly so it does not go bad. Therefore, these baskets should be sent to friends and family members who will definitely be home to receive them.


The edible fruit basket is usually arranged in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. The fruit is sometimes cut in particular shapes in an artistic way. Those who arrange fruit baskets must be aware of how the fruit colors mesh together. A basket also needs to be chosen that complements the fruit. In many cases, fruit baskets are arranged in a thematic way. For instance, a fruit basket might use fruit colors that symbolize the Fourth of July.


Strawberries, pineapple, oranges, mango, green apples, bananas, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi and grapes are often found in fruit baskets. Many of these fruits help improve brain function, contain high amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A and are often low in cholesterol and sodium, according to Edible Arrangements. Chocolate is sometimes used in a fruit basket because it often meshes well with the fruit.


Fruit baskets must take into consideration the decomposition of fruit. Some fruit contains preservatives because it has a tendency to discolor when exposed to air. If a longer period of time will pass before the recipient of the fruit basket receives the it, fruit that doesn’t decompose quickly will be used. The fruit can also be refrigerated. However, normally the fruit basket has to be sent to the recipient right after the basket has been made. The arrangements are often surrounded by a plastic wrapping in order to protect the arrangements from weather, according to Edible Arrangements.


Many companies create fruit baskets for clients. These fruit baskets can often also be picked up at the various fruit basket stores. Many of these companies create other products, such as smoothies, that can be purchased alongside the fruit baskets. As of 2010, at Edible Arrangements, the prices range from $24 to $159. A fresh fruit bouquet costs from $5 to $200.

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