Unique Projects for Tomato Support

Tomatoes grow best when they are well supported from early on. If a tomato plant is not supported properly, the heavy fruits bend the stems low allowing the fruit to touch the ground. Tomatoes left to grow on the ground rot. While all of the fruit will not be affected, much of it will be ruined. It does not take much to provide this creatively, so as not to spend much money.


Tomatoes can be grown along a fence, as long as they can be tied to it for support. The tomatoes should be planted at about 1 foot apart. As the plants get high enough, start to tie them to the fence slats with string. When they grow taller, cut the string and attach new ties. The offshoots are easily supported by the slats close by, and may also need to be tied into place.


Lattice, when placed behind a row of tomato plants, provide a support for the plants to grow along. Once the plants are tall enough, train them to grow in and out of the open spaces of the lattice. The plants may or may not begin to do this naturally, so check them weekly and take care of any stems that are not cooperating. Weave them in and out carefully so that the stems do not break.


Plants can be hung in buckets, and grow out of the bottoms of them. This negates the need for any other type of support once the buckets are hung. However, they can also grow in large hanging planters. Grown from the center of the planter, the tomatoes grow up. This allows you to attach the stems to the three wires of the hanger. The planter itself may or may not be hung, depending on your preference.


Providing a wire support for tomatoes is simple when you build a wire support a few feet high. It should be as long as is necessary to accommodate the tomato plants that need support. You first have to build a frame and secure it in place. This is done with wood and nails. The wire is then cut to size, and attached to the back of the frame. After securing the frame into place, the tomato seedlings are planted along the bottom of it. The plants are trained up and along the wires, using string to hold them into place.

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