Fall Crafts & Flower Arrangements


There are many fall craft projects that you can make using produce and flowers from the garden. The choice of easy projects is plentiful, so the whole family can participate, even the littlest kids. Use your homemade autumn-themed crafts and flower arrangements to decorate your home inside and out and to give as gifts.

Decorated Gourds

Paint gourds with autumn scenes or even scary faces, once you've wiped them clean. Any type of gourd is suitable for this craft, including bottle gourds. You can use them fresh from the garden, but dry them if you want to keep the craft for the long term. Wood burning is another technique that works well with gourds, according to GrandGourds.com. Employ this technique with dried gourds.

Gourd Planter Arrangement

Create planter arrangements with gourds as accent pieces. For instance, placing a potted marigold in the center of a wire wagon planter and surrounding it with small gourds adds an interesting element to the front yard or porch area of your home. Decorate the planter further by adding a seasonal bow.

Witches' Brooms

Witches' brooms add interest to autumn decor anywhere in the house, though traditional placement puts them inside or outside the front door, off to the side. To make a witch's broom, tie twigs to the bottom of a sturdy stick using twine. If you want to add a Halloween theme, use an orange ribbon to tie a decorative black cat or witch hat to the broomstick.

Living Sunflower Centerpiece

Create a living autumn centerpiece showcasing an iconic flower of the season--the sunflower. For the center of the arrangement, choose a dwarf sunflower plant, such as a Teddy Bear or Sunspot variety, which grow well in pots. Surround the sunflower with a mixture of yellow and orange marigold plantings. Decorate the edges of the centerpiece with tiny gourds or insert decorative plants poke throughout the arrangement.

Autumn Vase

Fill a vase halfway with black marbles and add water that's tinted red or orange. Fill the vase with wildflowers picked during an autumn walk. Mixing some twigs in with the flowers gives a rustic effect to the display. For a festive touch, add a seasonal bow around the vase.

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