Pink & Orange Floral Centerpieces


Using pink and orange as your color scheme for a floral centerpiece is trendy, lighthearted and bold. The pink and orange combination of a centerpiece will give your event a more casual, playful atmosphere, with a feeling of warmth and liveliness. The pink and orange color scheme has made a resurgence in the last few years and will probably continue in popularity for some time.


Combining the colors pink and orange for fashion and interior decorating became popular during the 1960s and early 1970s "flower power" era. It was a time of individuality, euphoria, peace and love. Bright, cheerful color combinations emerged to represent this free-spirited movement. The pink and orange pairing began to appear in fabric designs, apparel, paper products, home decor and accessories and, of course, in floral arrangements.


Pink and orange flower centerpieces are ideal for any number of occasions where you wish to create a festive, spirited, radiant atmosphere with a more casual feel. Typically found at girl's birthday parties, from toddlers to teens; bridal showers; and tropical-themed events, pink and orange color schemes and floral centerpieces have also become popular in the last few years for weddings.


Along with the pink and orange color combination creating a bright and cheerful centerpiece, there is symbolism associated with each color. Pink represents beauty, youth, gentleness, friendliness and most of all, love. The color orange, on the other hand, symbolizes energy, happiness, confidence, exuberance and passion. Orange is a vibrating and flamboyant color, so combining it with any shade of pink will soften the impact of orange while still relating the symbolism each color represents.


There is a wide selection of flowers for you to chose from to create your pink and orange centerpiece. Using roses, calla lilies and orchids, in both pink and orange, for ceremonious events will create a more formal-looking centerpiece. Gerbera daisies, colored carnations, snapdragons, lilies, zinnias and chrysanthemums are less formal in appearance, and are ideal for making a pink and orange centerpiece for more casual occasions. Clever containers also can add to your pink and orange centerpieces; use pumpkins, terra-cotta pots or colored glass.

Feng Shui

In feng shui, the color pink is a yin color, while orange is yang--a perfectly balanced combination. Pink is associated with tenderness and is a soothing color. Orange has the energy of yang, is a "social" color that promotes conversation, friendship and good times.

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