Apple Varieties in the UK

Apples have been grown in the United Kingdom since the ancient Romans occupied the country. The climate in the United Kingdom, especially in England, provides favorable growing conditions for apples. Although the United Kingdom is known for producing high-quality cooking apples, the country is home to a large variety of apples that come in a multitude of colors, textures and flavors.

Allington Pippin

The Allington pippin is a multipurpose apple that develops a distinct pineapple-like flavor as it ages. The apple has a smooth skin with a yellow-green undercoating striped with orange. Allington pippin apples have an off-white, crisply textured flesh that is sweet, yet tart. The Allington pippin keeps its shape when cooked or baked and is used to make juice or hard cider and is excellent for eating out of hand.


The small-to-medium sized Pixie apple has a sharp, nonacidic, crisp flavor and makes a good garden apple for home growers. Pixie apples have a yellow-green peel with a reddish-orange blush and red stripes near the top. The fragrant white flesh of the pixie is juicy, crisp and sweet. Pixie apples ripen later in the season and their flavor often improves as they age. The pixie apple is idea for eating fresh.

Ellisons Orange

The outer appearance of the Ellisons orange apple is the epitome of a classic English apple. The skin of the midsized Ellisons orange has a red blush with underlying tones of green. Ellisons orange apples have light white-green colored flesh and a pear-like, soft texture. The Ellisons orange apple has a distinct, aniseed flavor and is best eaten fresh, straight from the tree, when the anise flavor is not as prevalent.

Worcester Pearmain

The early ripening Worcester pearmain is known for having an interesting strawberry-like flavor. The intensity of the strawberry flavor in the Worcester pearmain is dependent upon the weather conditions during ripening. Worcester pearmain apples' outer skin is a mix of bright red at the top and yellow-green over the remainder of the apple. The flesh is firm and crunchy, white in color, fragrant and juicy. Worcester pearmain apples are best when eaten fresh.


The multiple layers of flavoring in the scrumptious make it an appealing apple for snacking. Scrumptious apples have a thin outer skin that is flushed with a rose color over a yellow base. The flesh texture of scrumptious apples is similar to the golden delicious; it is crisp but not hard and is juicy and sweet. Scrumptious apples have an interesting flavor mix of strawberry with slight undertones of aniseed.

Charles Ross

The Charles Ross apple is often described as a "handsome" English apple. Primarily used as a cooking apple, the Charles Ross holds its shape well and doesn't break down when baked in tarts and pies. Charles Ross apples are large in size and have a firm, juicy off-white flesh. The outer peel is greenish-yellow, marked with red, blotchy stripes. Although the Charles Ross is considered a dessert apple, it also makes a good snack apple.

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