Wildflower & Grass Seed Mix


Wildflower and grass seed mix is a combination of wildflower seeds and grass seeds. Although it is most common for each of these types of seeds to be planted separately, the integration of the pair can create a natural and untamed look that has the charm of a wild prairie field. While this application is not suited to every environment, it offers an attractive look in underutilized spaces where some degree of weed control is desirable.

Finding Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix

When a decision has been made to apply wildflower and grass seed, it may be necessary to order the mix from a specialty seed dealer online. It is common to find wildflower or grass mix at a local nursery, but not as common to find a combination of both in a single mix. While the mix is not uncommon to find on the web, it is a specialty item that is not likely to be as easily accessible at the local store.

What is Unique About Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix?

What makes wildflower and grass seed mix unusual is that it is not the typical grass of the home lawn variety that goes into the mix. The grasses used are not the kind that are mowed weekly and used for sports and recreation. The grasses in a wildflower and grass mix are the type found in tall prairie regions, where the flowers and grasses are intermixed naturally.


Wildflower and grass seed mix comes in several varieties to suit climates and aesthetic preferences. Some of the mixes are designed for moist to wet areas, while others are made to tolerate drier conditions. Additionally, the flowers that are available range from types that bloom quickly and die off, while the grasses remain, to others that flower from spring until fall. It is also interesting to note that some seed producers send the packages with both flower and grass seed mixed together, while others send separate packages that must be mixed together before planting. Another quality that should be considered before purchasing wildflower and grass seed is the height the plants will achieve at maturity. While some varieties may rise to only a few feet, there are some types that can reach up to eight feet in height.


Grasses and wildflowers are relatively easy to plant. Loose soils should be lightly raked, while compacted soils should be turned or tilled. Sowing the seeds is done by spreading or sprinkling for even distribution. A light raking should follow the application of the seeds to assure that a consistent amount of seeds are sufficiently covered with soil.

Care After Planting

The soil should be kept moist for a minimum of one month after planting to allow the roots to develop. When the wildflowers have gone to seed and have begun to die off and brown, the entire area can be mowed for a more favorable appearance until new growth begins again the following year.

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