Yard Landscaping Examples

Transform the yard into an aesthetically pleasing yet functional space. Because it’s one of the first things you see when you enter and leave the home, you want the layout to complement the style of the home and express your own individual style and personality. Before designing the space, sit down and sketch out a rough draft to refer to as you go along. Don’t be afraid to take away items if the space becomes overcrowded or you don’t feel an element works with the environment.

Perennial Garden

Create a permanent addition to the yard by creating a perennial garden. Perennials require a one-time planting to come back year after year fuller and taller than before. As they evolve, the yard and landscape takes place to create a long-lasting display. To build the perennial garden, consider choosing those that are hardy to the USDA zones and native climate. To cut down on water usage, choose drought-tolerant perennial flowers like purple coneflowers and black-eyed Susan. Both have an upright, clumping growth habit and produce masses of blooms all summer and into fall. Low-growing perennial flowers like verbena and coreopsis are ideal along the front and sides of the bed to help fill in the garden and add color. For cooler seasons like fall and winter, grow hellebore. Hellebore bloom in below-freezing temperatures to provide a burst of color to the oftentimes dreary and colorless landscape of winter. Their colorful, nodding-like blooms and evergreen foliage are a winter perennial favorite. They also have the ability to naturalize or spread throughout the landscape.

Stone Path

Connect areas to the landscape together, such as a backyard patio to a front yard entrance. Made from a wide range of materials including, crushed granite, pebbles, bricks and slate, stone paths draw you into the garden and create a focal point to the yard. They are ideal meandering through a perennial garden or along a garden wall for easy access to plants and flowers. To create a low maintenance path, lay down a 2- to 3-foot-wide pebble path. Pebbles look attractive in both formal and informal settings and provide texture and color to the space. Soft yet crunchy underfoot, their earth colors of browns, tans and whites blend in well with any style of landscape.

Water Feature

Create a focal point to the yard by adding a water feature. Water features are made from a wide variety of different materials including, metal, plastic and concrete. They range in sizes from large tiered fountains to small container structures. The trickling noise that emanates from water features also provides a relaxing feel to the yard. Container water features are an ideal variety to start off with because you can maneuver them around the landscape, depending upon where you wish to house them. Nestled within a perennial garden or at the entrance to an arbor or pergola, they create a statement in the garden.

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