Varieties of New Phlox

Phlox is a family of perennial flowers desirable for their clusters of brightly colored flowers that come in single or bi-colors. Some species creep along the ground, while others grow straight and tall. The most popular is the common garden phlox, or Phlox paniculata, which is native to North America, according to the University of Arkansas. This plant has many varieties, which are bred to produce new colors and also to be resistant to fungal diseases such as mildew.

'Lord Clayton'

'Lord Clayton' is a new variety of garden phlox notable for its purplish foliage and hardiness. Like all phlox, 'Lord Clayton' grows best in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 3 through 8, according to Greenhouse Grower, and has bright-red flowers.

'Orchid Blast'

This variety is part of a group of jewel-toned phlox cultivars titled the "Intensia" series. 'Orchid Blast' has flowers that are a combination of pink, purple and violet. The flower stalks reach up to 18 inches tall.

'Candy Store'

'Candy Store' was awarded the title of best new plant released in the spring of 2010 by Noah Schwartz, a horticulturist with Matterhorn Nurseries. This plant comes in four candy-inspired colors of light pink, bright pink, deep pink and violet and is extremely resistant to powdery mildew, which commonly plagues phlox plants.

'Candy Stripe'

'Candy Stripe' is a new variety of creeping phlox with lavender-and-white striped petals. It grows to a height of only 8 inches, but with a spread of up to 18 inches, according to American Meadows. This variety is great for rock gardens or hanging baskets, as it has a trailing habit.

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