How to Grow Table Top Herbs


Many attractive, aromatic and flavorful herbs can be grown indoors right on your table top. For anyone interested in gardening, cooking or both, this is a perfect way to inexpensively keep fresh herbs in your home and at your fingertips. Herbs require no more care than any other plant, although as with any container plant you must pay extra attention to watering needs--container plants can dry out quickly.

Step 1

Plant herbs in separate pots, with drainage holes, labeled according to variety. Light needs vary slightly and this way you can easily move them around if one kind of herb isn’t doing well in a location.

Step 2

Use well -draining potting soil for your herbs. If potting soil becomes very hard and sticky when watered, find a better potting soil or add vermiculite or perlite to the existing soil to provide aeration.

Step 3

Keep your herbs in a sunny, warm location. You shouldn’t place them up against a window, where they may be prone to sun scald or cold drafts, but they will need sunlight and, according to Old Fashioned Living, most herbs prefer temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a sunny room, you can add grow lights to supplement this lack of light.

Step 4

Feed your herbs a balanced, slow-release fertilizer. You can use plant fertilizer stakes (most convenient) or use granules.

Step 5

Check the pots daily to make sure herbs don’t dry out too much. If the soil is dry an inch down, or the plant shows any drying or wilting, you should water it immediately. However, West Virginia University advises to not over water herbs. Herbs don’t like soggy roots (the main reason well-drained potting soil and pots with drainage holes are important).

Step 6

Prune dead foliage or overgrowth with sharp garden shears. You can also use these to snip off culinary herbs for cooking.

Things You'll Need

  • Pots
  • Labels
  • Potting soil
  • Watering can
  • Fertilizer
  • Garden shears


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  • West Virginia University Extension Service:
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