How to Care for Your Schefflera Plants


The Schefflera spp., also known as umbrella trees or umbrella plants, are hardy green plants that thrive in the tropics, but can be grown as indoor plants with the correct humidity, temperature, lighting and amount of water. Umbrella plants can reach heights of 8 feet tall. Their leaves resemble huge umbrellas, hence the name. According to Clemson University Extension, they are long-lived as houseplants and the leaves of the plants grow larger as schefflera plants grow older.

Step 1

Mix equal parts peat, perlite, course sand and soil into a large, heavy container so as the plant grows in height, the pot can handle the weight and not tumble over. Sprinkle a little bit of lime dust in the mixture.

Step 2

Place the plant in a location that will give the umbrella tree full sunlight. The ideal location is in a west, east or south window. Keep the temperature in the room between 60 and 85 degrees F all year long.

Step 3

Mist the plant leaves to provide humidity around the plant. The humidity in the room should be medium. By misting the leaves daily, the plant will have the recommended humidity.

Step 4

Water the plant when the soil is dry. Add enough water to soak the soil at least three inches down in the container, and then allow to dry. Monitor how well the plant drains, and don't water too frequently or the plant may develop root rot, according to Clemson University Extension.

Step 5

Feed the plant once a month during the summer and spring with a 10-10-10 (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) fertilizer. Water the plant on day one, fertilize on day two and water again on day three.

Things You'll Need

  • Large container
  • Fertilizer
  • Misting bottle
  • Soil mixture


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