How to Spray Roundup Between Cantaloupe Rows


Cantaloupes, or muskmelons, are a warm-season crop produced on long vines that trail over the ground for distances as much as 15 feet. Although the plants are started in rows or hills, it's not long before the plants grow into the paths and walkways between the rows. When this happens, it makes weed control between the rows very difficult because the paths are covered with cantaloupe vines. It is possible to use Roundup weed killer between the cantaloupe rows if you follow the correct procedure. Spray Roundup in the morning when the wind is calm, to avoid spray drift.

Step 1

Walk down the pathways between the rows of the plants and use your hands to carefully move the vines that have spread into the area between the rows. Pick the part of the vines up that have grown into the pathways between the rows and lay them over the hills or rows from where the rest of the plant is growing, or rooted, so you will not get any Roundup weed killer spray on the vines and kill them when you begin spraying Roundup between the rows.

Step 2

Mix the Roundup according to the directions on the label; Roundup is sold in different concentration levels and the mixing rates are different for each concentration level.

Step 3

Apply the Roundup to the weeds in the rows between the cantaloupe vines. Do not let the spray drift to the cantaloupe vines or they will die. Spray each weed to the point where most of the leaves are covered with spray. Do not apply spray to mulch or rocks, as the Roundup may stay on them for several days and get washed into the planting area by rain or irrigation.

Step 4

Pick up the vines with your hands and move the growing vines back into the rows after one week. Don't dig up the plants and move the entire plant into the rows. Pick up the vining part of the plant and move that part back into the row. At this time the weeds should be in decline from the Roundup application.

Things You'll Need

  • Roundup weed killer
  • Cantaloupe vines


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