Problems With the Belarus 5240 Tractor

Belarus tractors have been manufactured since 1950 at the Minsk Tractor Plant in Minsk, Belarus. The plant, one of the largest tractor plants in the world, produces 8 percent of the tractors used internationally. Belarus tractors are used in the former Soviet Union and exported to the Eastern Bloc and other countries, including the United States. The Belarus 5240 tractor has the same problems as many other tractors, such as difficulty in starting and running smoothly. Most problems can be easily repaired.

Problems Starting Engine

If a Belarus 5240 tractor is hard to start in cold weather, check the cold starting aid. If the fuel temperature rises above 160 degrees Fahrenheit, be sure the fuel heater is off and the drain lines are not plugged. If the engine turns over slowly , check the starting motor, battery and cables for loose or corroded wires and connections. Check the engine for internal rotational resistance; and make sure the driven units are not engaged. Low fuel in the tank, a closed fuel shut-off valve or a restricted fuel line are some causes of inadequate fuel supply, which can affect the starting process. Old or poor-quality fuel doesn't provide enough spark to ignite the engine. Adequate airflow is necessary for the engine to start. Check the air cleaner element, charge air cooler, turbocharger, intake manifold, air crossover tube and connections for blockages or leaks. If no voltage or the improper voltage is going to the injection pump shut-off solenoid, check the switches, wiring and linkage. Worn or loose fittings on the throttle air fuel tube, wastegate diaphragm, and wastegate plumping should be replaced. Be sure the fuel inlet restriction and fuel injection pump timing are adjusted correctly. Replace defective or worn turbochargers, fuel injector pumps and delivery valves.

Runs Rough or Surges

If the engine on a Belarus 5240 tractor is cold, it may run rough until it warms up. Other causes of a rough engine while at an idle include inadequate fuel supply, contaminated fuel or air in the fuel system. If the engine runs rough or surges while in motion, the engine mounts may be damaged, too loose or too tight. If the engine runs rough while using accessories, the idle speed may be set too low. If the injector pump or camshaft is out of time, the engine will not run properly. Repair or replace defective fuel injector pumps, delivery valves or throttle linkages. Replace malfunctioning fuel-return overflow valves, fuel transfer pumps, camshaft, tappets and push rods, as well as worn or sticking injectors.

Engine Overheats

An engine that overheats on a Belarus 5240 tractor may be low on coolant or water. Check the water pump, hoses, radiator and engine block for leaks. Restricted air intake or an improperly adjusted engine or fuel injection pump can cause overheating. Replace loose pulleys, worn belts, cracked or worn head gasket linings, cracked head gaskets and defective engine thermostats. If the tractor is overloaded, the engine may overheat. Use a lower gear or reduce the load.

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