How to Install a Lawn Mower Tire


Installing a lawn mower tire correctly is critical for the safety of the operator and prevent damaging the lawn mower. Incorrectly installed lawn mower tires have the possibility of falling off during operation. You may be familiar with how car tires are mounted to cars--lug nuts hold the tire tight to the wheel axle. Lawn mowers, however, typically utilize a spindle or axle. Tires are held on with either a cotter pin or clip.

Front Wheel Tire Installation

Step 1

Slide the front wheel on to the spindle as far as it will go. Make sure that the valve stem is toward the outside of the lawn mower.

Step 2

Place the washers on the spindle. Slide the cotter pin into place by pushing the long prong on the pin through the hole on the spindle. Once through, bend the cotter pin apart slightly keep the wheel on the spindle.

Step 3

Grab the hubcap, stretch it and push it over the spindle. The hubcap should stretch over the washers that help hold it in place.

Rear Wheel Tire Installation

Step 1

Place one washer over the axle. Place the spacer over the axle. Place another washer over the axle.

Step 2

Slide the square axle key into the key slot on the axle. If you meet resistance, gently tap it in with a hammer. The edge of the key should be flush with the end of the axle.

Step 3

Position the tire so the valve stem faces away from the lawn mower. Align the slot in the tire so it fits over the square key on the axle. Push the tire onto the axle.

Step 4

Place another washer over the axle and press the E-ring into place over the axle with a flat-head screwdriver. Your lawn mower may use a C-clip in place of an E-ring. Both fasten in the same manner.

Step 5

Stretch the hubcap over the axle until it covers the E-ring and washer. These will hold the hubcap in place on the axle.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Hammer


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