How to Heal With Aloe Plants


Used since ancient times as a healing salve, aloe (Aloe vera) is still considered the most effective folk remedy for minor cuts, burns and skin abrasions. It produces spiky, succulentlike leaves that grow from a central rosette. The center growing point continues to expand outward, producing offshoots, until the aloe eventually outgrows its pot. These off-shoots can be rooted in sandy potting soil to increase your supply.

Step 1

Cut a medium- to large-size leaf. Make the cut from close to the base of the plant using a sharp knife.

Step 2

Slice the leaf lengthwise from end to end.

Step 3

Split open the cut, gently with your fingers, to expose the gel inside.

Step 4

Lay the aloe leaf's cut side on the burn, cut or abrasion you wish to heal. Gently rub the aloe gel into the skin.

Step 5

Remove the aloe leaf.

Step 6

Massage the remaining gel into the affected area of skin.

Step 7

Repeat the process every two to three hours as needed to reduce pain and inflammation.

Tips and Warnings

  • Aloe works best on minor cuts, burns or abrasions. Seek competent medical help for serious injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp knife


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Who Can Help

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