Yearly Flowers That Bloom

Keeping a garden filled with spectacular blossoms is usually a year-round project. Each season has many plants that will bloom into beautiful flowers. Finding plants that can bud year-round is a solution to the dilemma of having to replant each season. There are several plants that will flower throughout the year given the right environment and conditions to grow in.


Orchids come in several varieties and are low-maintenance plants despite their reputation as being temperamental plants. Orchids grow lasting flowers that will continue to blossom throughout the year, even into winter. These flowers are a native tropical plant in Asia, but they are able to adapt easily to most warm climates. Orchids come in many shapes and blossom with an array of colors that span the whole rainbow. The blossoms usually have colorful designs with different geometrical shapes upon them.


Petunias are a perennial plant that is treated like an annual in most gardens. These plants are usually drought and heat tolerant. Petunias are known for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies with their vibrant colorings and designs. They are very low-maintenance plants that are perfect for landscaping needs because of their versatility and ability to be pet friendly. There are four styles of petunias: grandiflora, multiflora, milliflora and ground covering. Grandiflora petunias have large showy flowers and multiflora petunias have compound leaves and clump together. Milliflora petunias are compact miniature plants while ground covering petunias spread over the landscape. Petunias need full sun to thrive and a slow-releasing fertilizer. Petunias will continue to bloom through the year if their basic needs are met.

Africian Violets

African violets are known for their year-round flowers. There are hundreds of varieties with blossoms that range in colors of mauve, pink, deep purple and blue. The flowers are surrounded by lightly fuzzy leaves. The African violet is one of the easiest plants to care for since it thrives on benign neglect. Sporadic watering actually helps this plant's flowers flourish and grow. The African violet needs to be planted in full sun during the fall and winter and moved into a shadier location for the warmer months of spring and summer.


Impatiens are hardy plants that can bloom all year long if protected in the winter. They have blossoms that are multi-layered, single or double with colors that vary from pink, purple, white, red and orange. This plant has a rapid growth and is used as a houseplant or ground covering. Impatiens are highly popular with gardeners because they are very easy to grow and add stunning colors to the garden.

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