How to Keep Racoons Out of a Vegetable Garden


Raccoons can be a real pain for your vegetable garden, eating what you worked so hard to grow. All those ears of corn and other veggies will disappear in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. Raccoons are nocturnal. To keep these animals out of your garden, you must seal them out all the way around with something that they cannot get over or are not willing to come near.

Step 1

Install a simple electric fence. Install three or four eye bolts down one side of the fence posts. Insert the posts in the ground and then run the electrical fence wire from post to post, inserting it through the eye bolts as you go. Once wired and on, the electrical fence will shock anything that touches it. This will keep the raccoons at bay.

Step 2

Plant cucumbers a few rows deep on the outside edge of the garden. Raccoons don't like the smell of cucumbers or the vines that poke their feet.

Step 3

Set up radio in the garden and turn it to a talk station. Raccoons prefer to avoid people and will be wary of the area when they hear voices. Make sure the radio is waterproof or covered to shelter it from the elements.

Step 4

Attach a strip of chicken wire fencing to the top of a regular chain link fence with zip ties. Attach only the bottom of the chicken wire and let the rest be loose. When the raccoons climb the fence and get to the chicken wire, they will fall back because of their weight and the lack of fence supports.

Things You'll Need

  • Electrical fencing
  • Cucumber plants
  • Waterproof radio


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