How to Use an Apple Maggot Trap


Apple maggots can cause a considerable amount of damage to an apple tree's crop. And, according to the University of Minnesota, home owners often have the most difficulty because it is hard to remove apple maggots from just one or two trees. However, apple maggot traps are a great weapon to have. They are an ideal way to cut down and control the apple maggot population without chemically treating your apples.

Step 1

Hang the traps on July 1, just before apple maggot flies become active. Hang one trap in your tree for every 100 apples produced by the tree. Follow the trap's manufacturer's instructions for hanging.

Step 2

Check on the traps periodically. Remove those that are too covered in flies to be adhesive.

Step 3

Clean off the flies and adhesive by rubbing the sphere with vegetable oil. Dry the sphere and then re-apply the adhesive. (Move on to Step 4 if your apple maggot traps are disposable).

Step 4

Hang the new or cleaned traps.

Step 5

Remove the traps from the trees after the apples are harvested.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable oil


  • University of Minnesota: Apple Maggot Management in Home Gardens
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