How to Mow Golf Grass


The type of grass most commonly used on golf course greens is called bentgrass. It is possible to plant bentgrass as a lawn grass if you live in the northern part of the U.S. However, it generally requires too much maintenance for the average homeowner. Bentgrass is an invasive grass. It will creep very quickly over the ground and smother out other types of grass. Golf courses like to use bentgrass on the putting green because it tolerates being cut very short.

Step 1

Set your mowing height to 3/16 of an inch or less during the cooler months of golf season. During the hotter, mid-part of summer, you can raise the cutting height to 1/4 inch to help prevent burnout.

Step 2

Use a walking push mower, such as a reel mower, to cut the bentgrass. If you must use either a gas-powered mower or a riding mower, make all turns off of the putting surface.

Step 3

Push the walking mower back and forth over the entire green. If you are using a reel mower, the blades will spin as you walk, snipping off the tips of the grass.

Step 4

Cut the bentgrass frequently so it does not get too tall. Do not cut off more than one-third of the total height. If you let it grow too long between cuttings, the grass will become stressed.

Tips and Warnings

  • Rotary, gas-powered mowers are notorious for scalping your grass when mowed as short as it needs to be for golf greens. Only use rotary mowers if the green is perfectly level.

Things You'll Need

  • Reel mower


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