Iron Gate Landscaping Ideas

Iron gates create a dramatic entrance to homes, patios and porches. They are a vibrant addition to any landscape and come in a range of shapes and sizes, along with added ornamental and decorative features. Iron landscape gates look stunning when embellished with creeping vines, vibrant flowers and other accessories. They provide a focal point to the garden and draw your eye into the space. Adding your personal touch to an iron gate to create your own distinct design.


Spruce up an iron gate with flowers. Use shapes, sizes and colors to complement the style of your home and help jazz up the gate with texture and color. Annual flowers have a short lifespan to grow, flower and die within one season, but add pops of color among perennial flowers and fill in hard-to-reach areas around a gate. Perennial flowers are quite the opposite. They are planted once to come back every year for a more permanent addition to the gate. Tall perennial flowers like purple coneflowers and coreopsis are ideal flanking the gate to create a show-stopping entrance. In between the larger flowers, and tucked into containers surrounding the gate, add low-growing annuals like lantana and pansies. Both provide bursts of brilliant color.

Decorative Accessories

Add decorative accessories around the iron gate, like water features, birdbaths and sculptures, to help embellish the gate and create an outdoor scene. Outdoor water features like container gardens look striking flanking a gate to use for growing water plants like water lilies and lotuses. Nestled within a nearby perennial garden, they create a relaxing, trickling noise in the garden. Attract winged creates like butterflies and hummingbirds to the gate by adding a birdbath. Nestle the bath along the side of the gate to provide a resting spot and water source for wildlife.

Creeping Vines

Soften the look of an iron gate and create high contrast by incorporating creeping vines along the structure. Iron gates are often dark, typically brown or black, and look stunning wrapped in a bright, blooming vine. Hardy vines like the rapidly growing trumpet vine produce masses of large, deep orange to red flowers. Long-lasting, the flowers emerge in July to last until the first frost, creating a long-lasting burst of color to the iron gate. Other vines, like the passion flower vine, produce delicate, white to lavender, 3-inch-wide blooms that showcase an iron gate beautifully. Evergreen vines like confederate and Carolina jasmine retain their vibrant green foliage year-round to create nonstop color to the iron gate, even in winter.

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