Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties

Hybrid tea roses outsell all other rose varieties combined, according to the University of California Cooperative Extension. Nearly every garden rose, however, is a hybrid descendant of several other rose species. Creating a hybrid is a simple matter of growing seeds produced from the cross-pollination of different rose species. Nature itself produces successful hybrids when wild roses cross-pollinate.


The Conrad-Pyle Company introduced the Peace hybrid tea rose at the 1945 Pasadena Rose Society Show. Since then, Peace has become the best-selling hybrid tea rose in history. From summer to fall, Peace has pink-edged, ivory-white blooms that border on yellow above deep green, glossy leaves. With up to 40 petals, the large, double blooms emit a faintly fruity fragrance. Standing 5 to 6 feet tall, Peace is a highly disease-resistant plant with a bushy form. Like many roses with yellow genes, however, it's susceptible to black spot.


Standing 4 to 6 feet high, the fragrant HILaroma has Peace's glossy dark green foliage. Its double blooms, however, have up to 35 pink petals with hints of yellow and can be 5 inches across. It begins blooming in May and continues sporadically until frost. These plants sell commercially as "Secret" hybrid teas.


Its French pedigree puts Traviata in the rank of roses destined for Valentine's Day sales. Between 4 and 5 feet high, this highly disease-resistant plant has dramatic, spicily scented red blooms. The lush double blossoms resemble peonies, and the May-to-frost blooms appear even brighter against its dark green leaves.


Another effort from France's House of Meilland, Toulouse-Lautrec is a disease-resistant, tidy 3- to 6-foot rose. Its lemony scent pairs well with double, cupped yellow blooms and bright green, glossy leaves. Toulouse-Lautrec flowers repeatedly from May until frost.

Abbay de Cluny

The Abbay de Cluny hybrid tea has the old-fashioned rose appearance appropriate for a plant named after an 11-century French monastery. Neat in habit, it seldom exceeds 3 feet. Abbay de Cluny has dark green foliage and noticeably spicy, cupped apricot blooms. Its abundant May-to-frost flowers are 3 inches across.

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