What Are the Most Popular Flowers for Weddings?

The choice of wedding flowers, like all wedding fashion, is dictated by fashion. Classic flower choices are dictated by the Victorian idea that flower types and colors had meaning. Flower choices may also be influenced by fads promoted in wedding magazines, season of year that the wedding is being held or the budget of the bride and groom. Some wedding flower choices have become perennial favorites that you expect to see at many weddings.


Roses have a reputation as royalty of the flower world. In the languages of flowers, roses represent love. The color of the rose dictates the specific meaning. Red roses indicate passion and desire, pink roses stand for innocent love, yellow roses mean friendship and white roses represent pure love and fidelity. White roses are popular for weddings because the color coordinates with a white wedding color scheme. White roses also serve as a pleasant background for brighter and showier flowers.

Seasonal Flowers

Spring and early summer were once the most popular time to hold a wedding. But more recently, weddings have expanded into fall and winter. During these seasons, traditional flowers may be more expensive due to the cost of growing and shipping during winter months. During this time some couples choose to use flowers that are in season. A bride may include poinsettias and amaryllis during the Christmas season, or harvest hydrangeas herself from her own garden in spring. Some churches are already decorated with flowers during seasons such as Easter, which can cut down a wedding decorating budget.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies mean beauty in the language of flowers. These lilies have clean lines and grow on tall stalks. The most common color of the calla lily is white, although calla lilies grow in a wide range of colors. Bridal arrangements with calla lilies range from a single flower with a ribbon tied around the stem to a sheaf of lilies that the bride can tuck into her arm. These are easy to arrange for a do-it-yourself wedding. Some florists also shorten the stems of calla lilies and tuck them into bouquets with smaller flowers such as baby's breath or lily of the valley.


Tulips are both a flower and a pun that is suitable for a wedding—two lips. Tulips are symbolic of perfect love in the language of flowers. Though the tulip has been long associated with Holland, it is actually a native of central Asia. There are more than 2,300 varieties of tulip to choose from in every hue imaginable. White French tulips are popular due to their size and feathery appearance, which mimics the fluttery skirts of many bridal gowns.

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