DIY Floral Candle Centerpieces


Create a table centerpiece that will enchant your guests. Combine flowers and candles to make a statement about the gathering. Doing it yourself will ensure you are adding a personal touch to the event. Each time a guest looks over at the centerpiece, she will have a visual reminder of the reason for the festivities.


As a DIY project, you can create floral candle centerpieces that define your table setting. Centerpieces reinforce the theme you created with other elements in the room. Floral candle centerpieces work particularly well at weddings, New Year’s Eve parties and Mother’s Day celebrations. Floral candle centerpieces tend to be a little more elegant and sophisticated than standard centerpieces.


For spring centerpieces, combine tulips with white taper candles. In the summer, stand a vase filled with wildflowers in shallow bowl of water. Add floating candles to the water in the bowl. For a winter gathering, pair poinsettias with pillar candles, mixing red poinsettias with white candles and red candles with white poinsettias. Choose flowers that will hold up throughout the gathering. Some flowers that put on spectacular displays in the garden, such as moonflowers, wilt quickly once you cut them. Test your flower choice before the big event.


Fragrance from flowers and scented candles can overwhelm your visitors and interfere with their enjoyment of the meal. Avoid scented candles for centerpieces when you are serving food. However, if you do not light the candle, most people will not notice that the candle is scented. While most flowers have a fragrance, choose flowers that will not saturate the air with their aroma. Place the flowers in the room to give the scent time to dissipate before your guests sit down to eat.


Floral candle centerpieces convey elegance, although you do not have to spend much to create the centerpieces. Look to your garden for fresh flowers. Give inexpensive daisies a makeover by placing a bouquet of daisies with honeycomb candles. For a more dramatic setting, substitute lilies or giant sunflowers for daisies.


Lit candles pose a fire hazard. Whenever you make a floral candle centerpiece, safety should be at the forefront of your design. Build the centerpiece so that no part of the flower or foliage will come into direct contact with the flame. Do not make such an elaborate display that you cannot tell if a candle has tipped over. Do not use these centerpieces for gatherings with children. Extinguish the candles if your guests become overly agitated or excited due to the festivities or alcohol consumption.

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