Bamboo Art Crafts

Bamboo is a versatile material for a variety of art and crafts projects. Dried bamboo stalks are sturdy enough to last for years as part of a wind chime set and decorative enough to use as wall art. You can cut bamboo stalks easily with a handsaw or a circular saw. Leave the stalks natural for your art and craft projects or decorate them with acrylic paint for added design interest.

Wind Chimes

Create an artistic set of wind chimes using painted bamboo stalks. Cut five stalks of bamboo into varying lengths ranging in 1-inch increments. The staggered lengths will make the wind chimes more interesting. Drill holes through the top of each stalk so you can attach them to fishing line hangers. Paint designs onto each stalk using templates or stencils, and then hang them from a craft ring or a wood board. You can also add color to the strands by threading beads from the top of the bamboo stalk to the base of the wind chime header.

Bamboo Botanical Art

Create decorative bamboo wall art using bamboo foliage. Place the leafy ends of a bamboo stalk between two sheets of wax paper. Place at least 20 lbs. of weight on top of the wax paper for about two weeks. This process will dry the leaves while pressing them flat. Spray the dried leaves with floral glaze and then decoupage them to an artist’s canvas. The decoupage glue will further preserve the foliage and add a glossy sheen to the art.

Bamboo Stalk Wall Art

Dried bamboo stalks make decorative building blocks for artistic designs. Cut the dried stalks into lengths and attach them to an artist’s canvas using viscous craft glue. Create words, specific shapes or random patterns with the bamboo stalks. To make curved letters or shapes, cut the stalks into small bits and arrange the pieces into the desired design.

Bamboo Scrolls

Bamboo stalks are decorative choices for scroll art projects. Handmade scrolls are a distinctive way to invite guests to a party or announce an event. Cut the bamboo poles into to equal lengths, at least 2 inches larger than the width of the rice paper, vellum or heavy cardstock you plan to use for the scroll. Print your message onto the paper using a printer or by hand. Attach the top and bottom edges of the paper to the bamboo stalks using double-sided tape. Center the paper on the stalk so that the ends of the bamboo are visible. Roll the ends of the paper toward the middle and secure it with a decorative ribbon. Look for scroll mailers at stationery stores.

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