Varieties of Louisiana Ground Cover Weeds

Louisiana's warm temperate climate is home to a variety of ground cover weeds. Ground cover plants are usually perennial weeds, shrubs or grasses and may or may not be deliberately planted. Using plants as ground cover can provide erosion control and aesthetic appeal to an otherwise unsightly area of dirt or gravel. Ground cover plants are typically not as wear-resistant as turf grasses and should only be located in areas free from excessive ground traffic.

Green Kyllinga

Green kyllinga (Cyperus brevifolius) is a perennial, creeping sedge that produces thick mats of green, grasslike ground cover. Like other creeping plants, green kyllinga spreads through underground rhizomes that develop new offshoots of the original plant. This sedge prefers damp, lowland areas and can be mowed like a turf grass.


Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) is a grasslike, clumping weed that forms dense mounds covered in dark green foliage. The leaves of goosegrass are folded and have a hairy texture at the base. Like most clumping plants, goosegrass spreads primarily by seeds that are produced in late summer.


Dollarweed (Hydrocotyle) is a broadleaf, perennial weed with round, dark-green leaves. The leaves have a glossy texture and toothed edges. White flowers form mid-summer at the end of long, green stems that extend through the green foliage. Dollarweed spreads by seeds and underground rhizomes and prefers moist environments.

Virginia Buttonweed

Virginia buttonweed (Diodia virginiana) is a broadleaf weed with upright, hairy stems that produce elongated, narrow leaves with a shiny, smooth texture and green foliage. Preferring moist, lowland areas, Virginia buttonweed is perfectly suited for Louisiana's coastal regions. During the summer months, tubular white and purple flowers are visible growing along the central stem.

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