How to Buy The Knock Out Rose


Knock Out Roses are a hybrid rose that is developed to be hardy and disease resistant. The rose is a shrub variety that is popular among landscapers because it is self-cleaning and requires little care and maintenance. Knock Out Roses are a trademarked rose that you can only buy from garden centers that purchase the rose from the developer. Thanks to the popularity of Knock Out roses, you can find the plant at many lawn and garden centers.

Step 1

Contact your garden center or favorite rose supplier to ask if they carry Knock Out Roses. Or find a list of rose sellers from the Knock Out Rose website. The website will provide a list rose retailers that carry Knock Out Roses in your area if you enter a zip code.

Step 2

Examine the selection of Knock Out Roses that are offered at a retail center. Knock Out Roses are sold bare root in early spring or in containers in late spring and early summer. You should plant bare root roses in spring so that they will develop an extensive root system before the chill of fall. Roses in containers may be planted from early spring until midsummer.

Step 3

Select shrubs with strong stems that are larger in diameter than a pencil. Bare root plants should not have leaves on them.

Step 4

Examine the roots of roses in the store if possible. Choose only roses with healthy looking roots, which are white and succulent. Avoid roses with roots that are dry, brown and brittle or slimy. If roses are packed in sawdust and wrapped in plastic so that you cannot see the roots, avoid packaging that has been opened or seems either waterlogged or excessively dry.

Step 5

Choose container roses that have a good shrub structure. Avoid roses with canes that are broken from rough handling, rub one another or grow inward. Do not purchase roses that appear diseased. Although Knock Out Roses are hardy against powdery mildew, mold and black spot, they may still develop these diseases if their health has declined.

Step 6

Read the tags that are present along with Knock Out Roses. The tags will tell you what variety of rose each cane will produce. Knock Out Roses produce both single and double blooms in pink, red, yellow or a coral color.


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