Planting and Care of Silver Lace Vines


Silver lace vine (Polygonum aubertii) is fast growing, eventually reaching a length of 15 to 20 feet. Native to China and Russia, silver lace grows so well and so quickly that it is considered an invasive weed in some states. Silver lace blooms with small, lightly fragrant flowers in August. Hardy to USDA zones 4a to 7b, silver lace vine may be one of the easiest plants you will ever grow.

Step 1

Place the support structure in an area that receives full sun or partial shade. Some gardeners will grow silver lace next to a concrete wall, but an arbor, trellis or other common garden structure will work as well.

Step 2

Dig a planting hole for the silver lace vine that is the same depth as where it has been growing. Place the roots into the hole and fill the hole with soil. Use plant ties to loosely tie the vine to the support structure.

Step 3

Water the silver lace vine to a depth of 6 inches and keep the soil moist, not saturated, until the plant shows new growth. Once established, allow the top 3 inches of the soil to dry before watering.

Step 4

Prune the silver lace vine in early spring. It tolerates heavy pruning, so don’t be afraid to cut it back to the size you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Support structure
  • Shovel
  • Plant ties


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