Fun Garden Ideas

Gardens filled with meandering pathways, hardy plants and flowering trees beckon you outdoors and create focal points around the landscape. Gather in the garden all year long to enjoy outdoor living at its best by creating outdoor niches such as patios and fire pits. Plant flowers in bright, bold colors to create a visually dramatic landscape. Add personal touches such as water gardens and other decorative features to help create your own one-of-a-kind design.

Fire Pit

Fire pits provide year-round enjoyment and a space to relax. Prolong your outdoor dining and living space by adding a cozy fire pit. Made from a wide range of materials, including stone and metal, fire pits come in many sizes to use in small or large gardens. Nestled within the garden, they create the ideal spot for roasting marshmallows with friends or telling a favorite story with the family. Add seating such as chairs and benches around the perimeter of the pit, and add accent tables to hold drinks or candles.

Decorative Patio

Patios made from stone, such as slate, flagstone and pebbles, create a decorative touch to the garden and a space to watch the flowers and plants grow. Create a fun, whimsical design using different-colored patios stones. For example, mix different shades of slate together to create a pattern to the patio. Tuck bricks in circular designs within garden beds where you can enjoy nature. Along the patio, add decorative touches such as birdbaths and water features to invite hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. Along the edge of the patio space, add low-growing plants such as candytuft and creeping thyme to help fill in the space and contrast the stones.

Butterfly Garden

Around the garden, plant flowers and plants that attract butterflies to the space. Shrubs such as butterfly bush and abelia have fragrant flowers that bring in these winged beauties. Butterflies will find the blooms of perennials such as Russian sage, coreopsis, purple coneflower, aster and goldenrod irresistible. Annual flowers such as lantana, pincushion and varieties of verbena provide a resting spot and food for your winged visitors. Nectar-rich flowers such as these also provide color and vibrancy to the garden that will have your favorite butterflies checking in on a daily basis.

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