DIY Branch Centerpieces


Branch centerpieces are applicable to almost any event and can add an earthy feeling while being quite stunning. Use branches as a centerpiece by incorporating them with other items to create a dramatic and modern looking centerpiece. Branches can be less expensive than flowers or other centerpiece materials you may be considering, and branches tend to lend themselves perfectly to match the existing decor of a room.


Branch centerpieces generally fall into two main types--branches that are a part of an arrangement or stand alone branch centerpieces. Combining branches with flowers to create your centerpiece adds a natural, earthy look while giving the arrangement a dramatic, open appearance. Stand alone branch arrangements are often used to emphasis the theme of the event by attaching theme based items on the branches.


Branches add an organic element to a centerpiece, with the ability to heighten, create an open feeling, or bring to the table a focal point that can range from very sophisticated to rustic outdoors. Adding long, graceful branches from willows or from flowering trees to flower arrangements brings an elegance to your centerpiece. Stand alone branch centerpieces can have a look of a small, leafless tree that is adorned with objects associated with your theme, like crystals, ornaments, butterflies or beads. You can also bundle straight branch limbs together with ribbon for an outdoors appearance.


Branch centerpieces not only have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive to create, but they also are ideal for creating a unique, non floral look to your table. The openness a branch centerpiece can provide gives you the ability to make something larger without interfering with table conversations. Centerpieces made with branches can easily be painted and enhanced to match perfectly with the theme of your event, or remain natural for a more eco-friendly, informal style centerpiece.


Whether you collect your own branches or buy them from a retailer, the size of the branch or branches you use in your centerpiece will have an influence on other aspects of the centerpiece. Long or tall branches must be placed in tall containers in order to hold their position, while wide, multi-branched pieces need to be secured by being placed in sand or pebbles or inserted into a container of plaster of Paris.


If you decide to harvest your own branches from your yard or garden to use in your branch centerpiece, make sure you examine the branches carefully for insects before bringing them indoors. Freshly cut live branches should also be left outside until the sap is hardened off in the branch, unless you are using fresh cut blossomed branches to be included in a floral display. Large branch centerpieces can be used at dining tables, without interfering with table conversations, by trimming out dense areas of the branch before assembling your centerpiece.

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