Sizes for Herb Gardens

Herb gardening easily becomes an addictive hobby, so beware: You may start out with a simple windowsill pot and soon find yourself dreaming up full-size, formal herb gardens. Fortunately, no matter what your space, there's an herb garden to fit, from small containers to backyard-sized masterpieces.

Windowsill Garden

Any type of container that fits on your windowsill can become a windowsill herb garden. Windowsill gardens allow you to grow herbs year-round. Just be careful that your plants don't outgrow their containers. Either choose small herbs, such as creeping thyme or marjoram, or grow culinary herbs (basil, thyme, chives) which you can keep clipped and use in cooking.

Container Garden

For a larger version of a windowsill garden, use larger containers and put them anywhere with good light. Grow indoors in winter or out on the porch, deck or patio in summer. Containers allow you to grow larger herbs while maintaining the convenience of a windowsill garden.

Raised Bed Herb Garden

A raised bed can range from 2 feet square on up to 6 or 8 feet square. The total area is up to you and factors such as space available, the herbs you want to grow, and the time you want to spend. Obviously limited to seasonal use, a raised bed herb garden can be treated like a flower bed, filled with perennial herbs that will return each year, or you can treat a raised bed like a vegetable garden, and replant it with annuals every spring.

In-Ground Herb Garden

For the dedicated herb gardener, expanding into a full herb garden makes sense. Full herb gardens range from a 10 foot square (for a small knot garden) to spaces 35 feet long or more (for a formal herb garden with walkways). Customize herb garden plans to fit your available space.

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