How to Shop for Flower Boxes for Decks


Flower boxes make a beautiful addition to any deck, porch or window. These boxes are versatile in that you can shop for large ones that sit right on your deck platform or smaller, narrower ones that can be affixed to the railings of your deck, creating a more accessible border for the eye. In addition to flowers, you can also plant small herbs or edibles in your flower boxes, creating a small contained garden space even in an urban area. It is important to keep a few things in mind when shopping for flower boxes.

Step 1

Measure the width of your deck railing with a tape measure if you wish to affix narrow flower boxes to the rail. Write down the measurements on a piece of paper, and bring it with you when shopping.

Step 2

Count how many flower boxes you would like to purchase for the size of your deck. If you want to completely line the length of your deck railing for instance, then you will need to measure that length so you can determine how many boxes will fit once you see them at the store. If one side of your deck railing is 8 feet long for example, and you are buying flower boxes that are 2 feet long, you should plan on buying 3 planter boxes so that you will have 2 extra feet of room to use for spacing the boxes.

Step 3

Compare materials. Some flower boxes are made of natural cedar, and this is a good choice because it is naturally resilient in the weather. There are also chemically treated weatherproof woods, but these should not be used if you plan on growing anything in the boxes to eat, such as herbs.

Step 4

Compare prices. Type of wood (cedar is more expensive than pine for example), quality of construction and size all have an influence on price, as well as the store you buy them at.

Step 5

Measure the boxes in the store before purchasing to make sure they are going to work well for the area of your deck you've chosen to install them. Also make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Paper
  • Pen


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