How to Trim Cleveland Flowering Pear Trees


Cleveland flowering pear trees make excellent trees for your lawn or garden. Because they are medium-sized trees when they reach adulthood, they are easy to maintain and care for. Flowering with creamy white blooms, Cleveland flowering pear trees bloom in the spring, and then produce dark green waxy leaves until fall when the leaves turn to shades of burgundy and orange. These trees require some trimming to remain healthy and always looking their best.

Step 1

Trim the pear tree in fall before the tree slips into dormancy for the winter.

Step 2

Remove any dead or dying growth by clipping it away with garden loppers. Make your cut where the limb joins the main branch or trunk of the tree.

Step 3

Remove large dead or dying branches from the pear tree using a sharp hand saw. Make the cut where the branch joins the main trunk of the pear tree.

Step 4

Trim off branches that stick out from the tree, altering the tree's shape. Snip these branches off level with the other branches of the tree.

Step 5

Remove all branches from the underlying grass and plants, and dispose of them in a designated dumping area or compost pile.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden loppers
  • Sharp hand saw


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