Tomato Varieties in the Mid-Atlantic Northeast

The mid-Atlantic region includes Virginia to the south through New York to the north, while the Northeast includes the New England states. These regions are in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zones 3 to 6, and have short growing seasons. Tomatoes can be grown throughout the region beginning in late spring. Tomatoes fruit in areas and seasons during which temperatures range from 50 degrees Fahrenheit overnight to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the day.


The best-known heirloom variety, "Brandywine" produces purple fruit that can reach 16 oz. The fruit, which is sweet and has good consistency, begins with pink skin and may also be known as "Pink" or "Sudduth Strain" tomatoes. These tomatoes slice well and may be eaten fresh or used in cooking. "Brandywine" tomatoes are late producers and fruit may not appear for up to 100 days.

Early Girl

A hybrid that fares well in cooler climates, "Early Girl" is a popular salad tomato. Fruit ripens to bright red, has a mild sweet flavor and cuts well. This tomato begins ripening early, but continues to produce fruit through the summer season in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Fruit is 4 to 6 oz. and tomatoes are round. The plants are fairly disease resistant and tomatoes are ready to harvest in as little as 52 days.

Golden Nugget

A hybrid released by Ohio State University, "Golden Nugget" produces medium yellow cherry tomatoes that do not crack. Flesh is nearly seedless and meaty. Fruit is about 2 oz. and round. "Golden Nuggets" are early producers--about 60 days to harvest--and fare well in both the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. These plants are prolific and harvesting ripe fruit will encourage new flowers.


A good choice for all cool regions, "Stupice" produces medium-sized red tomatoes early in the season. Originally from Czechoslovakia, this tomato will do well even in the coldest parts of the Northeast. Fruit weighs in at about 2 oz.and flesh is sweet and flavorful. Tomatoes are ready to harvest in as little as 52 days.

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