Making Floral Wreaths


Floral wreaths can be made simply and quickly by anyone who can use a glue gun. The wreaths do not take much planning or many materials. Floral wreaths will brighten any room of the house, and can be hung on the outside of the front or back door when dried flowers are used.

Wreath Forms

Any wreath form can be used when creating a floral wreath. Long-stemmed flowers with big blooms can be wound around wire forms. Flower heads can be glued to foam wreath forms. And all types of flowers can be added to a grapevine wreath. These forms are all sturdy enough to hold the flowers in place. It is possible to create a wreath without a form. Daisies are used for this purpose, and the resulting wreath can then be worn on the head. Any flower with a strong stem can be used to create a wreath.


Temporary wreaths can be made by using fresh flowers. These smell nice and work well for spring, summer and fall. Winter wreaths could include holly leaves and berries. Dried flowers are another option. These can be used in place of fresh when you want to keep the wreath year-after-year. Silk flowers are an option if you cannot use flowers from the garden. They are the most costly way to go, and you will want to look for flowers that look as real as possible. These can be found in craft stores Jo-Ann Fabric or AC Moore, online and at brick and mortar stores.

Other Materials

A glue gun will be helpful when creating a floral wreath, though floral wire or tape could also be used. Many people like adding ribbon to the wreaths, and some will add a bow or a seasonal type decoration. Plant pokes can be used, as can a stuffed animal.

Simple Wreath

A quick wreath can be made using a grapevine wreath, flowers, a glue gun and some ribbon. The ribbon is used to create a hanger at the top back of the wreath, and can also be wrapped around the wreath if desired. The flowers are glued to the bottom third of the wreath, then the wreath is allowed to dry. This can be hung from a door or in a window.

Another Wreath

When working with flowers that have large blossoms, you can easily create a wreath for the front door. A foam wreath form works well for this project. You will have to create a hanger for the back of the wreath. It is easy to glue the leaves of the flowers to the form, then the blossoms. Adding a bow adds a nice touch to the finished wreath. Once dry, simply hang it from the front door.

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