How to Germinate Valerian Seeds


The valerian plant (Valeriana officinalis) is grown both as an ornamental and as alternative medicinal herb. The tall plant with white flowers adds interest to a garden where it can grow up to 5 feet high. The root of the plant is used for teas, tinctures and capsules and taken for anxiety and to promote sleep. Valerian is often referred to as "nature's valium," though the plant is not related to the pharmaceutical drug, according to online alternative-drug resource MotherNature.

Step 1

Fill a shallow bowl with an inch of water.

Step 2

Sprinkle the valerian seeds into the water.

Step 3

Allow the seed to soak for at least two to three hours, or overnight.

Step 4

Drain the water from the seed through a fine mesh strainer.

Step 5

Plant the seed, 1 inch deep, in the prepared garden space. Valerian will grow in either full sun or partial shade. Once planted, water the space every two to three days to keep the soil moist. You should begin to see the seedlings emerge from the soil within 14 days.

Things You'll Need

  • Shallow bowl
  • Fine mesh wire strainer
  • Prepared garden bed


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