Gardening & Flower Art Projects

Art work belongs in the garden and should match the style and formality of the landscaping and architecture of the house. A country garden would look silly with a Greek goddess statue or piece of modern sculpture just as a formal garden wouldn't look right with homemade stepping stones. Create your own garden art projects to bring your personality to your flower garden.

Stepping Stones

There are kits to produce cement stepping stones but it's also possible to make one yourself without a kit. When the stepping stones has been poured into the mold and are no longer liquid but not set, inset glass pebbles in the cement to form a flower. Brush any cement away from the face of the pebbles. Another option is to use a glass tile or ceramic tile with a flower design to set in the center of the stepping stone.

Birdbath to Giant Sunflower

A small birdbath is shaped somewhat like a sunflower. Give the birdbath a coat of paint made to adhere to plastic, if the birdbath is plastic or to cement, if made of cement. Paint the base of the birdbath green to resemble a stem. Paint the outer rim in yellow. Outline a petal shapes around the rim in a darker shade of yellow and a lighter shade of yellow on the opposite sides of the same petal. Fill the middle of the birdbath with sunflower seeds.

Found Objects

Scout yard and garage sales for objects that have a flower shape. For example: Metal funnels resemble lilies, faucet handles resemble daisies and round door handles could be transformed into roses. Attach the found objects to metal rods. Paint the rods brown. Paint the "flowers" in bright colors and place in the garden among the real flowers. Another idea is to collect old metal water cans and stencil on flower designs in pastel colors. Punch a few drainage holes in the bottom and then fill with flowering plants.


Put broken tile, china or dishes to work as objects d'art. Scrub an old terracotta pot to remove any debris, dirt and built-up salt. Let it dry completely. Give it a coat of thin set. Thin set is similar to mortar and holds the mosaic pieces in place. Press the broken tiles into the thin set in flower designs. You might want to work out the design on a table first. Fill in spaces between the flowers with neutrally colored pieces of tile. After the thin set has hardened, add a coat of grout to fill in between the pieces of tile.

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