How to Install a Drip System for Flowers


Drip irrigation systems sound confusing to gardeners, but most garden centers sell drip irrigation kits that include everything needed to install an irrigation system. Once installed, drip systems reduce water waste by directing a small stream of water to the flowers' roots, saving money on the water bill and ensuring the garden receives adequate water. These systems can be customized to your garden's size and shape, and can be installed in an afternoon with little labor.

Step 1

Screw a backflow preventer into your outdoor outlet. Most municipalities require this to prevent outdoor water from seeping into your indoor water supply. Then, screw a pressure regular into the backflow preventer, and attach a filter to this. Drip irrigation systems need filtering to remove sand and other impurities; they will become clogged without this.

Step 2

Lay out garden string along the route where you intend to install your drip system. Then step back from the garden bed and examine it, adjusting your route if necessary. For a perennial garden bed, you don't need to adjust the irrigation system once it's installed.

Step 3

Fit your tubing adapter over the end of the drip irrigation tube. Then, screw the tubing adapter into the filter that's connected to the spigot on your outdoor water outlet to link the irrigation system to your water supply.

Step 4

Roll out the drip irrigation tubing along your intended route, using the string as a guide. Secure the tubing to the ground using metal stakes, driving one stake into the soil every 2 feet.

Step 5

Poke a hole for your drip emitter using a small plastic punch tool. If you purchased a drip irrigation kit this will be included in the kit. Or, use a small pocket knife and poke through the top layer of the tubing.

Step 6

Insert one 0.5 gallon-per-hour drip emitter per perennial flower so that the emitter is adjacent to the plant's root ball. Colorado State University Extension suggests placing a second 0.5 gallon-per-hour emitter in case one fails, but this is optional. Install emitters for every flower in your bed using this method.

Things You'll Need

  • Backflow preventer
  • Pressure regulator
  • Filter
  • String
  • Drip irrigation tubing
  • Metal garden stakes
  • Plastic punch (optional)
  • Pocket knife (optional)
  • 0.5 gallon-per-hour drip emitters


  • Irrigation Tutorials: Drip Irrigation Systems Design Guide
  • Colorado State University Extension: Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens
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