Blue Flower Corsage Ideas for Prom

A mini-bouquet or corsage is a small yet elegant floral arrangement worn around the wrist or pinned to the lapel. It complements women's dresses at special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and prom night. A corsage may feature flowers in a variety of colors to match the dress, including blue. There are few ways you can use blue flowers to make an eye-catching corsage for your date.

Flower Selection

Nature has blessed us with flowers of almost every color, including different shades of blue. Blue flowers include hydrangeas, sea holly, delphiniums and statice. Use blue flowers only or mix them with white ones to form a striking arrangement so the blue stands out. Besides natural flowers, you can dye white tube roses, calla lilies or carnations the desired hue of blue. To dye the white flowers, pour water in a glass vase until half-full, and add 25 to 30 drops of blue food coloring. Stir the mixture to check if the hue is the one you want--add water if it is dark or more coloring if light. Cut stems of flowers at an angle and immerse in the colored water. Leave until the blooms turn blue, which takes up to 24 hours.

Single Bloom Corsage

Use a large, single blue flower to form an eye catching wrist or pin-on corsage such as a hydrangea bloom, Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon, or clematis. Accentuate the blue flower so it stands out with complementing or contrasting ribbon; surround it with greenery such as magnolia leaves or ferns or tiny accent foliage such as baby's breath. Such a mini-bouquet looks beautiful adorned on the wrist or pinned to the lapel of a white or cream-colored dress. Use a dramatic Blue Lady Lenten Rose stitched to a pale beige or off-white ribbon and knotted around the wrist for a dramatic look. Or, consider a clematis in full bloom surrounded by tiny leaves and secured to a pale or deep blue ribbon against a white dress.

Multiple Bloom Corsage

Surround one or two main flowers in full bloom by three to five smaller filler flowers for added appeal. Depending on personal taste, use same color and type of filler flowers, or white for a striking arrangement. Add baby's breath for varied color and texture. Secure the stems firmly with tape to hold them in place.

Modern Accents

Enhance the look of the blue-flower prom corsage with accents for a modern touch. Sprinkle blue or silver glitter around petals or leaves, or glue beads for a dramatic look. Glue small jewelry to the top of the pin and push it through the center of the main flower for an impressive accent. Loop bear grass instead of using it straight, or place flowers against a large galyx leaf for a contrasting backdrop. Glue lengths of decorative narrow trim or lace to the base of the flowers and allow them to cascade several inches below.

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