DIY Birthday Centerpieces


Flowers can be used to successfully create centerpieces for any birthday party. They will add beauty to an otherwise plain table setting. The flowers can be matched by color, or to the wrapping paper used for the main gifts. They can be used as the centerpiece, or as an element of the main table decoration. It is also possible to use the birthday girl's favorite type of flower as the main theme.

Cupcakes and Flowers

A simple centerpiece can be created using a cupcake rack. These have separate spaces for each cup and can be placed on a large lace doily. Daisy's add a decorative touch when scattered over the doily, and they can also be used as a decoration on the cupcake itself. The cupcakes are also easy for everyone to get to by themselves.

Decorative Basket

A medium to large size basket can be used to hold small gifts. The basket can be lined with plain fabric, and black-eyed Susan's can be glued around the base or lip of the basket. The basket is placed on a paper doily, and becomes the centerpiece for the birthday table. A candle in a hurricane lamp can be placed on either side of the basket and placed on smaller doily's. For a child's table, plates on doily's will work. Cupcakes can be placed on these for easy access.

Elegant Arrangement

An idea for a more elegant centerpiece uses roses and baby's breath. A runner is first placed on the table, and a doily placed over the center. A three-tier serving tray is placed on this, and small cakes are arranged on the tiers. Rose petals and baby's breath are strewn between the cakes, and candles in decorative holders are placed on either side of the serving tray. The flowers are adhered to the candlesticks, making them more elegant.

Money Tree

If the birthday girl wants money as gifts, a money tree can be placed on a paper doily. Marigold blossoms would be strewn around the tree. Guests clip the money gifts to the tree as they arrive. A round vase decorated with ribbon matching the marigolds can be placed on smaller doily's to either side of the money tree. These are filled halfway with change. Guests can add more change if desired.

Card Box

A plain card box can be decorated using a glue gun and small flower blooms. The blooms can be glued onto the box in a variety of ways. The box is then placed on a runner on the center of the table, and other gifts are placed to either side of the box as guests arrive.

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