How To Harvest Sugar Snap Peas


Sugar snap peas are planted in early spring when the ground begins to warm. Once they emerge from the ground as seedlings, they begin to develop vines and grow quickly. Sugar snap peas are popular because shelling is not required; the entire pod and pea are eaten raw or cooked. Most varieties of sugar snap peas are harvested approximately 60 days from the date they are planted, as soon as the pods begin to fill out.

Step 1

Harvest peas within seven to ten days after sugar snap peas bloom. Monitor the plants closely and once the first blooms appear, you’ll know you are near the first harvest.

Step 2

Pick mature pea pods that have started to fill out. Small peas inside the pod may be visible. Don’t wait for the pod to fill out completely as sugar snap peas are best when they are tender.

Step 3

Monitor plants for a final harvest. Pea pods become tough quickly; therefore, harvest the remaining peas soon after the initial harvest, then pull vines up or till them under the soil.

Step 4

Use sugar snap peas in salads, steamed, sauteed, or in stir-fry dishes. Sugar snap peas are also easy to freeze to use at a later date.

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