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Shrubs are actually trees that have not grown to the height to which the species normally grows. They play a large role in landscaping by acting as a filler for spaces. They are easy to care for, since they do not need to be replanted and only need to be trimmed every once in awhile to keep them from growing too much.


Shrubs are plants that have multiple stems. They grow from 2 to 20 feet tall. Shrubs do not take up as much space as trees, yet they have the hardiness of trees. Shrubs are versatile. They can be planted in groups or they can be planted singly, according to Colorado State University. Through pruning, the size of the shrub can be carefully controlled.

Decidous vs. Evergreen

Shrubs are often used in order to provide privacy while giving properties a natural look. They also act as good windbreakers and are good habitats for wildlife. Whether or not the property owner gets permanent privacy all year round depends on if she has evergreen shrubs, which keep their leaves all year round, or if he has deciduous shrubs, which shed leaves every year. Some shrubs produce fruit or flowers that can add beauty to the property owner’s space.


Shrubs tend to draw the eyes towards them, according to Colorado State University. Therefore, shrubs can be strategically placed in control where the eyes go when looking at the property. Shrubs can be used to cover up things that the property owner does not want visitors to see. Shrubs can have a labor saving function by reducing the amount of area that has to be mowed.


The type of shrub you chose should be determined by the type of soil, moisture content, and the amount of exposure that the area gets to sun, according to Colorado State University. Then, shrubs should be chosen based on factors like the kinds of flowers and fruit that are produced, and the color and shape of the leaves. Shrubs should not be chosen from plants that grow too tall, since the property owner will have to keep trimming the plant in order to keep the growth under control.


Shrubs are often sold either in containers or in burlap bags with the bag covering the roots. They are usually best planted in the spring or the fall.

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