How to Make a Floral Hairpiece


Floral hairpieces can consist of a single silk flower blossom, an elaborate fresh flower corsage or any variation in between. Attach a row of rosebuds to a hairclip, wire a corsage to a barrette or add silk blossoms to flowing ribbon strands to design floral hairpieces that make a statement. You can make a floral hairpiece to suit any hairstyle or any occasion with a few supplies from the craft store.

Fresh Floral Hairpiece

Step 1

Cluster a group of three rosebuds with 2-inch stems together. Wrap floral tape around the stems to secure the rosebud cluster. Repeat this step twice more to make a total of three clusters of three rosebuds each.

Step 2

Cut two 10-inch long strips of 24-gauge floral or beading wire. Wrap 2 inches of one end of one wire around the taped stems of one rosebud cluster. Wrap 2-inches of one end of the second wire around the taped stems of a second rosebud cluster.

Step 3

Position one of the wired rosebud clusters to the left of a 2-inch long metal hair comb so that the rose buds extend past the end of the comb and the wired stems rest on top of the comb’s spine. Wrap the excess wire from the stems around the spine and between the teeth of the comb to secure the rosebud cluster.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with the second wired rosebud cluster, but position the cluster to extend from the right side of the hair comb. The wired stems will overlap on the spine.

Step 5

Trim the taped stems of the remaining rosebud cluster to 1/4-inch long. Cut a 3-inch length of 24-gauge wire and wrap one end around the short stems.

Step 6

Center the rosebud cluster over the hair comb spine to camouflage the first two wired stems. Wrap the wire around the hair comb spine and between the teeth on both sides of the rosebud cluster.

Silk Floral Hairpiece

Step 1

Cut the stem from a large, silk flower blossom. Remove the plastic center from the flower.

Step 2

Glue the silk blossom onto the center of an alligator hair clip or metal barrette with hot glue.

Step 3

Trim the back of the plastic flower center so that it lies flat. Glue the plastic center back onto the center of the silk flower. You can also use a crystal prism, a flat-backed rhinestone or a glass cabochon to add color to the center of the flower. Hot glue will hold each of the embellishments in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh rosebuds
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • 24-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Ribbon
  • 2-inch long metal hair comb
  • Alligator hair clip
  • Large silk flower blossom
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks


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