Woodworking Projects for the Garden

Outfit your garden with woodworking projects built for convenience and functionality. Woodworking projects for the garden can also create focal points for the landscape. Build all wooden garden projects using treated wood, cedar, redwood and other exterior grade wood products so your creations will hold up well in an outdoor environment.

Garden Bench

Build a decorative wooden bench so you can sit and enjoy the flowers and foliage in your garden. This woodworking project can be as simple as bolting a plank of wood on top of two rocks, or constructing a free-standing, slatted bench with a seat, back and arms.

Potting Bench

A potting bench is a free-standing counter, often with a cabinet or a shelf beneath for storage. Many potting benches also have shelves or hooks extending above the counter for additional storage.

Garden Swing

A swing is another woodworking project you can make for the garden. The simplest garden swings involve suspending a wood board by chains or rope from sturdy tree limb. This type of garden swing is often a one-person swing. A-frame garden swings are free-standing and typically hold two to four people.

Garden Arbor

A wooden garden arbor can be both decorative and functional. A wooden arbor can guard the entrance to a garden walkway, provide shelter for a garden bench or stand as a focal point for the landscape. Climbing vines such as clematis, climbing roses and ivy add to the decorative aspect of a wooden arbor in your garden.

Garden Trellis

A wooden trellis is a garden woodworking project to build when you need support for grape vines, blackberries, raspberries and other trailing vines. Support trellises often consist of vertical wooden posts connected with horizontal wires or wooden rails. Decorative wooden trellises, such as lattices, can provide privacy as well as support for flowering vines.


Build wooden garden planters to add dimension to your garden landscape and flexibility to your plantings. Add casters to wooden planters to make it easier to move heavy plants from space to space.

Retaining Wall

Build a retaining wall in your garden to help prevent soil erosion and to add planting tiers to a hilly landscape. Railroad ties and landscape timbers are wood products people most often use to construct retaining walls.

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