The Varieties of Florida Grass

Florida has a mild to warm coastal climate that allows certain varieties of grass to thrive. The grasses that thrive in Florida typically thrive in many states in the southern region of the United States as well. These varieties of grass do well in areas with constant sun and sandy soil conditions, and are generally drought-tolerant.

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass does well in warm, coastal climates with mild winter temperatures, and can grow in many different types of moist or wet soils. St. Augustine grass requires moderate maintenance including moderate mowing, fertilization and adequate watering. According to the Texas Cooperative Extension, St. Augustine grass isn't used for high-traffic areas, as it doesn't tolerate traffic as well as some other warm grass species. The coarse texture of St. Augustine grass gives it a dense appearance, making it an attractive lawn choice. A disadvantage of St. Augustine grass is its susceptibility to insects, especially the chinch bug. However, insect problems can be easily treated with bug sprays and repellents.


Bahiagrass is a popular variety of grass for areas with sandy soil. It was introduced to the Unites States in 1914 and used a pasture grass for areas with infertile soil. According to the University of Florida, bahiagrass isn't as visually appealing as some other warm-season grasses, but it is low-maintenance and appropriate for areas where appearance is less important. Bahiagrass is drought-tolerant and does not need excessive fertilization or care. The most popular types of bahiagrass are the common, Argentine, Pensacola and Paraguay varieties.


Bermudagrass is a grass widely used for commercial landscaping, including golf courses and athletic fields. It is tolerant of many soil types, but requires full sun and a temperature of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit to flourish. It has a medium texture and the blades are generally short. Bermudagrass is a good choice for lawns that may have heavy foot traffic. Bermudagrass can be grown from either seeds or sod.

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