How to Use Banvel Herbicide


Banvel herbicide is a product of the BASF Corporation. Banvel herbicide is used to control many types of broad-leaf weeds in crops. Its main active ingredient is Dicamba, and it can be tanked mixed with a 2,4-D herbicide. It is important that you use Banvel herbicide as directed to effectively kill the weeds. A solution that is too weak won't work, and one that is too strong could harm your crops.

Step 1

Wait for a day with little to no wind, and temperatures between 50 and 77 degrees F to apply the Banvel herbicide.

Step 2

Fill your water tank with 30 to 50 gallons of water.

Step 3

Add 7 to 10 oz. of Banvel herbicide for every acre you need to cover.

Step 4

Turn the tanks agitator on. The herbicide must be mixed continually, and not allowed to sit for any length of time.

Step 5

Set the tank to disperse the mixture as a coarse spray. If your tank has numbers, set it to release at a pressure of 29 psi.

Step 6

Spray during the seedling stage, or when the crops are actively growing.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have an emergency while using Banvel, call 1-800-454-2673.


  • Dupont: Banvel Herbicide Instructions
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