How to Start a Murray Riding Lawnmower


According to the.lawn.mower website, J.W. Murray founded the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Co. in Cleveland and manufactured riding tractors and lawnmowers for both residential and farm use. In 2004 Briggs & Stratton bought the Murray brand, and all lawnmowers now contain a Briggs & Stratton engine. Starting a Murray riding lawnmower requires several steps and cannot be completed without someone sitting in the driver's seat. The seat contains an operator presence system that does not allow the starting of the engine without a driver present.

Step 1

Check the engine oil level before starting the mower. Move the Murray riding mower to level ground and verify the oil level reaches the "Full" mark on the dipstick attached to the oil fill cap. If necessary, add engine oil to reach the "Full" mark on the dipstick.

Step 2

Sit in the Murray riding lawnmower seat and push the clutch/brake pedal forward. Place the shift bar in the "Neutral" position and disengage the blade rotation by moving the control to the "Disengage" position.

Step 3

Push the throttle forward to "Fast" and, if your model is equipped with a choke knob, pull the knob out from the chassis to the "Choke" position.

Step 4

Turn the key to start the engine, releasing the key once the engine starts. Move the throttle to the "Low" position and let the engine warm for a few minutes.

Step 5

Depress the clutch/brake petal to release the break and move the gear shift to "Drive." Push in the choke knob and engage the blade rotation control by moving the control knob to "Engage."

Things You'll Need

  • Engine oil


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