How to Identify Apple Trees by Looking at Apples


Apple trees grow in a wide range of locations, from coastal to mountain regions, in orchards or the wilderness. The easiest way to identify an apple tree is by the fruit itself, which may come in handy if you are camping, lost in the wilderness or trying to identify a tree on your new property. There are several hundred apple varieties, but the most popular have some characteristics that help identify them.

Step 1

Look for yellow or green apples on a tree. Apples pale yellow in color that are very large can be identified as Golden Delicious, which are sweet and mild. Bright green apples that range from dark to light are Granny Smith apples, which are tart. Very pale to almost creamy yellow apples are Ginger Gold and are a little waxier.

Step 2

Identify Red Delicious apples for their large shape and dark red hue. These apples are widest at the top by the stem with dimpled bottoms and are crunchy and mild. Rome apples are incredibly round and bright red, not as dark as Red Delicious. These are a little tart in flavor.

Step 3

Observe if the apple's color is a combination of red and green. The oblong-shaped Pink Lady apple is reddish pink with splotches from the sun. Fuji apples have red and yellow layering, almost like blotchy stripes. This apple is tall and medium-sized. Gala apples are very similar to Fuji apples, but have alternative pink and yellow instead of red and yellow. These are very sweet, tart and juicy.


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