Grass Seed Varieties

Grass seeds are the least expensive and most common method of establishing a lawn. Different varieties of grass are best adapted to different climate regions. Cool season grasses are found primarily in the Northern United States and grow year-round. Warm season grass varieties are indigenous to Southern regions of the United States and grow primarily during the summer, with periods of dormancy during the winter.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo grass is a perennial, warm season grass commonly planted from seed and native to Western North America. With a fine texture and blue-green foliage, buffalo grass is highly drought tolerant, able to survive long periods of dry, hot weather that is characteristic of the American West. Buffalo grass should not be used in high-traffic lawn areas or in shady environments.

Red Fescue

Red fescue is a cool season variety grown in temperate and Northern climates in the United States. Commonly used on home lawns, resorts and camps, red fescue is fast growing, easy to maintain and tolerant of cold, shady, high elevation environments. Red fescue grass blades are folded, with a fine texture, and have a dark green appearance.

Carpet Grass

Carpet grass is a perennial, warm season grass that thrives in acidic, sandy soils. With green foliage and a coarse texture, carpet grass is usually planted by seed in wet, lowland areas. Commonly grown at airports, along roadsides and in parks, carpet grass is prized as a low-maintenance, fast-growing and soil tolerant variety. Carpet grass is not drought tolerant and will go dormant in dry conditions.

Thermal Blue

Thermal blue is a cool season grass variety that combines the high quality turf of Kentucky bluegrass with the warm temperature tolerance of tall fescue. Unlike other cool season grasses, thermal blue can be grown from seed well into the American South. Shade, disease and wear tolerant, thermal blue provides a fine textured, dense lawn with dark green foliage.

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