How to Make a Table Centerpiece for Prom


Prom marks a special day for high school students. The theme and decorations create the atmosphere of the event. A prom committee has a budget to meet when purchasing items and food to create the perfect evening. Centerpieces are the highlight of each table in the sitting area. Use the theme or school colors to tie the table decor to the atmosphere of the main room. Ask parents, family members and friends to donate fresh flowers from their gardens. Combine recyclables, garden flowers and minimal labor for a table centerpiece for the prom.

Step 1

Paint heavy plastic coffee jar lids with metallic paint that reflects the prom colors. This is best done a week or more before the event. Wear gloves to protect your hands and manicures.

Step 2

Lay a block of floral foam on a flat surface. Slice the block into five equal pieces. Cut each slice in half. Set a piece of foam into a lid to make sure it will fit. Shave excess foam away with the knife. Place the small block-like pieces into a container of water and let them soak through.

Step 3

Secure one piece of foam in each metallic-colored lid container with adhesive floral tape. Find a local florist willing to sell the tape at a fair price. Crisscross two pieces of tape over the wet foam block and secure the ends to the lid.

Step 4

Cut the stems of the fresh garden flowers to a 3-inch to 4-inch length. The cut must be on a slant for maximum water intake. Insert the stems into the foam carefully. Create a small circular shaped nosegay-like arrangement. One flower may be sufficient if the blossom is large. If the budget allows, test to see if the arrangement is the correct size by turning a glass ivy, rose or gardenia bowl upside down over the flowers. This will create a flowers under glass effect. If the budget allows, use one carnation and daisy or chrysanthemum pom blossoms from a florist for the prom centerpieces.

Step 5

Add theme-appropriate embellishments to the floral piece with card stock or Mylar stars, miniature plastic jewels, crown, queen or king of hearts cards. Tape a card stock item to round toothpicks or skewer pieces to insert and stabilize in the floral foam.

Step 6

Set centerpieces on each table and top with glass bowl. Sprinkle confetti over the glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Coffee jar lids
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Sharp knife
  • Floral foam
  • Waterproof florist adhesive tape
  • Flowers (white or mixed colors)
  • Glass ivy, gardenia or rose bowls
  • Card stock
  • Round toothpicks or skewers


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